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Friday 11 November 2016

Bluebox & January are proud to be publishing, 'Fin Butler and the Reluctant Mermaid.'

Fin Butler and the Reluctant Mermaid
By Philip Janvier

‘Ravenswood House is no longer safe for Fin Butler and his friends Jenny, Eiry, Chloe and Ash. Sed is missing, the Wyvern has escaped and old enemies are gathering. Thrown into a new adventure, were they do not know who they can trust; they are forced to make difficult choices and live with the consequences. Testing their friendships to the core, Fin and his friends seek to discover the truth about themselves and those they fear. Facing enemies, both without and within, they struggle against the Wyvern and only time will tell who will win.’

This third novel in ‘The Fin Butler Adventures,’ by Philip Janvier continues the Fantasy Adventures of Fin Butler.

ISBN: 978-0-9935177-2-3

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Also available free on Kindle Unlimited

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